My First 100 Mile Race

A few weeks ago, I got to spend a week with Margaret Schlachter from Dirt In Your Skirt while attending the Kalispell Spartan Sprint.   One of the things we talked about was her Summer 100 Challenge.  I will be the first to admit, when I heard about the Summer 100 Challenge, I just laughed there is no way I could ever complete a 100 mile challenge, but the more that we talked about about it, I started to relied that to complete the challenge I would only have to average about 1 mile a day for the summer.    That is when it became  a possible reality.  I was ready to sign up, then I forgot because of everything that was going on in my head during the week.   That was until till May 22nd when I saw post that all 200 spots had been filled, but she was adding 50 more spots.  That’s is when I knew I had to sign up right away!   I was not going to miss it this time.

So How does it work?

The Challenge officially begins Monday May 27, 2013 and ends Monday September 2, 2013. During that time you can log your miles using your favorite app, or simply do it the old fashioned way in a training journal, on your calendar, or keep a tally on the fridge! At the end of each week everyone will report there mileage on the DIYS Facebook Page with how many miles total you have already completed in the challenge. You can share your weekly total or manually add the miles together.

What do you get when you finish your 100 miles?

The day you complete your 100 miles report it on our Facebook Page or Email Margaret and your name will be added to the finishers list on this page with date completed.  You will receive a metal, no, like most Ultra 100 mile races, you will receive a belt buckle.   Something that you can ware for the rest of your life showing the world that you have completed a 100 mile race.   How cool is that!


 How do you sign up?   

Simple, go to the Summer 100 Challenge event page on Dirt in Your Skirt and sign up!   But you have to hurry, as you only have until 5/30 to sigh up and spots are limited.   So come join in completing my first 100 mile race!