2014 Coasterthon


This was the second year in a row where I have participated in the Coasterthon I was only able to raise $150 of the over $11,000 raised this year, but I still got at seat on the Coasterthon, next year will be better!

During the Coasterthon this year we rode  Mind Bender again, it was like come back to an old friend. There were a few major difference this one the first being there were only 28 brave soles that were able to raise the $150 to ride.  This was cool as each train hold 28 people so we all fit onto one train.

Heather and Chris

This started out good after a some small starting problems, but once we got on the coaster things went well for the first 12 loops, until one of the riders Ali, had to get off the ride, not because she was sick,  but because she had hit her head in one of the loops, her sun glasses smashed into her face and she ended up with 5 stitches.   This is why we all sign death wavers when doing things like this, if you do extreme things long enough something bad will happen.   The best thing you can do is laugh it off and try again next year.   After that things smoothed out until we had a light rain shower the took us off the coaster for about 2 hours.  After the rider re-opened we were able to get back on and complete 86 runs, one more than last year.   I will be adding photos as they come in.

2014 Coasterthon Official Scorebord


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