I Believe

This weekend was a very powerful weekend for me.  I climbed up Stone Mountain caring 100lbs of Steel Plates in a backpack with my friend Michael Mills.  It reminded me of my second Spartan Races that took place in Pennsylvania   I had been training in Vermont for about 14 weeks, and this was the first time that Margret and I completed a race together.

I will never forget that sandbag carry, and having Hobie Call on the course with us taking photos of Margaret and myself, can you say a surreal moment! After the race, I was walking though the venue when Ty from ibelievebandz.comI_beleve gave me the black band I wear on my wrist.   It has been with me for almost every race since then.  For me it is a constant reminder that I can do anything I set my mind to do including: facing my fear of heights, climbing over walls, even climbing a mountain with 100lbs of steel plates on my back.  The world is yours to enjoy as long as you believe in yourself.