3 Years into my new life

On July 12, I will be having my 3rd year anniversary of my Vertical sleeve gastrectomy
Norris Lake  6-20-2009  690lbssurgery. When I had the surgery, I weighed in at a whopping634 lbs, down from my peak weight of 696 lbs.   Every year since then I have celebrated my anniversary by climbing Stone Mountain. This year will a little different because I am going to be at the Spartan Race in PA, so I am going to be climbing it on July 6th.  If you would like to Join me meet me at the base of the walk up trail at 8 am.  Here is the  link to my Facebook event page.   Also, I am going to re-posting all 20 weekly updates from my time in Vermont training for the Vermont Beast, to my Facebook fan page.

Margaret, Forest, and ChrisSpartan Camp Videos: